Premier Wire Rope is an American owned and operated service first company that
specializes in service, support and sales of High Performance and Specialty Wire

In 2020 Premier Wire Rope celebrated 16 years in business. We remain humble and
thankful of our Dealers, OEM Clients and Wire Rope Users, which have made our
success possible.

We are a Company with strong positive values that bring these special products to
our Combined Clients with out any compromise.

Our point of view-

In the Wire Rope business many things have changed and we have to accept that
change is inevitable.

We accept the challenge of change by carefully modernizing our structure to the
Clients benefit.

Additionally, new application specific products and additional Rope Manufactures
products are being added to our product portfolio, while keeping true to our core
product groups.

This has been done without a compromise in our values or mission.

We accept the industry changes but also remain true to our original vision and that
is to bring the highest quality special wire ropes and service as our basic offering.
We remain committed to the Clients and Users of our product- we keep true to our
motto ‘Quality. Strength. Focus’.